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I make them good girls go bad

An American Idol FemmeSlash Community
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Welcome to Femme Idols, an American Idol femmeslash community.

Femmeslash is where two women are in a romantic relationship. If you find woman on woman offensive, or do not wish to read fanfiction based on the female American Idol contestants, turn away now.

DISCLAIMER: we do NOT own any of the Idols. As far as we know, none of what goes on in these fics has happened or will ever happen in real life.

→ Drama will not be tolerated. None whatsoever. If you are unsure of what qualifies as drama, then you probably shouldn't start. When in doubt, it's probably dramatic.
→ Please do not submit posts about RPGs. While we fully support that RPs give writers an outlet for creativity and writer's block, let's not spam the f-lists with the millions of RPs out there. There are RPG promotion communities for that.
→ For the promotion/affiliate of another writing community, please contact a mod before submitting a post. If deemed relevant, it will be posted.
→ If you are searching for a certain fic that you are without a doubt positive was posted in this community, please check the memories first. If you don't know the name and/or author of the fic, please contact a mod or someone outside of the community. If that fails you, contact a mod before submitting a post and we'll do our best to help you.
→ All posts that are NC-17 must be friends locked. Since under aged members of LJ often lurk the communities, we do not want to be held responsible for what they read. We cannot, however, control what they write. NC-17 is classified as anything sexual, adult oriented or involving abuse, drugs, self-mutilation, suicide, etc. If you aren't sure about the rating of the fic, ask a mod. We'll be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.
→ All submitted fics must have an introduction. You may include dedications, A/N, etc, but each submission must include the following:

Title: Title of your fic goes here.
Rating: G-NC-17
Pairing: Pretty self-explanatory
Summary: Brief summary goes here. Please try to keep it general to the fic as a whole.
Disclaimer: Something along the lines of I DO NOT own such and such band aforementioned above. You can make it creative, as long as people know you aren't claiming anyone.
Author Notes: Here is where you put dedications, thanks to betas, etc.

If you want your introduction to look like the above, copy and paste the information below before posting.

The actual fic needs to go behind an lj-cut or you can link to another journal with link coding. The introduction itself should be in plain sight. Also, make sure if you have a chaptered fic, you link back to previous chapters, even if they are in the memories. It makes it that much easier for those who are just getting a start on your fic and you are 25 chapters into it. If you aren't sure how to do an lj-cut or how to link to another journal, the coding is available below.

→ If you take the time to join this community and read a fic, please take the time to comment on it as well, whether it constructive or positive feedback. Every author likes to know what other think of their works.

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